Happy Birthday to Aggie!!!
Happy Birthday to Aggie!!!
2011-11-16 Wednesday 22:17
随便说说 外爷爷走好
2009-11-02 Monday 21:10
随便说说 回到家了
2009-10-27 Tuesday 19:20
随便说说 继续读书就他妈的是个错误的决定,老子不读了
2009-10-17 Saturday 01:29
随便说说 “You did it! At the beginning of the year they all thought you are not going to finish it or fail the project. But you actually did it! You should be proud of yourself.”
I do :)
2009-09-30 Wednesday 21:47
随便说说 Meant to be
2009-09-13 Sunday 17:25
随便说说 “I wish I could finish all the things I started”
2009-09-12 Saturday 22:25
随便说说 这不是我想要的。
2009-08-18 Tuesday 18:37
随便说说 哈哈,多谢老大爸妈带给我的精神食粮
2009-07-19 Sunday 00:18
随便说说 如果不能够永远走在一起 也至少给我们怀念的勇气 拥抱的权利 好让你明白 我心动的痕迹
2009-07-09 Thursday 21:51
随便说说 外婆走好